Welcome to the Jungle

The Wilderness
The wilderness: even after the modest beginnings of a cleanup, the wildflower garden is a formidable thicket.

How does a garden get out of control?  The easy answer is: it just keeps growing.  I become so attached to all of my little plants that I am loathe to pull any of them up, or even prune them.  And I spend so much time a few inches from the ground that I don’t see The Big Picture.  Fortunately, I have neighbors to help me with my tunnel vision.  There’s a man who comes by every day, walking his dog; and he asked me several days ago, “When are you going to do something about this jungle?”  I felt immediately defensive, but I decided it was time to step back and take a few  pictures from across the street.  I discovered that he is right:  it is a jungle, and the time has come to prune and pull up plants. Ouch, ouch, ouch.  But before I start whacking away, here is a slideshow of the untamed wilderness:

  • Terrace one central has bush beans, cream peas, and sunflowers, blocking our house from view.
    The front of our house has disappeared behind a wall of sunflowers, bush beans, and pole beans.