Welcome to the front yard.

Front Yard Wildflowers
Gloriosa daisies, horsemint, and clasping coneflowers.

My front yard is the only area of my property that has southern exposure, and thus the only place I can plant most wildflowers and vegetables.  I overcame my fear of the neighbors–(Would they think I was nuts?) and of various Dallas/Fort Worth authorities–(Would I be violating landscaping ordinances?)  and set to work.  So far, the city, my neighbors, and my garden are coexisting in harmony.

The majority of my plants came up from seed given to me free, gratis, and for nothing.  I provide the labor, and my husband mows the perimeter.  This garden has helped me regain my sanity, which had vaporized after a number of years in corporate America.  I’m actually feeling human again–much more connected to myself, to other people, and to life in general.  I am grateful for my flowers and food and want to share the bounty with the online gardening community, which has given me a lot of good ideas about how to get things to grow.