Awash in Squash, Hopefully

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Garden terrace one-south, being planted with winter squash seedlings

Terrace one-south is being cleared out for winter squash seedlings.

Oh, the unbridled enthusiasm I feel with each new batch of seedlings! I started a half-dozen varieties of winter squash in small pots filled with peat moss;  I planted some Waltham Butternut, Buttercup, Bush Buttercup, Spaghetti squash, Jack-Be-Little pumpkins, and I’m gambling on some yellow straight-neck squash also–vine borers typically wipe these out, but perhaps they won’t since I’m planting this late in the season. I was thrilled to have a nearly 100% germination rate, even though the packet expiration dates were in October 2013.   That means more work, of course, as I have had to prepare more of my “in-ground clay planters”  for the seedlings to grow in.  I actually had success using this method last year, (see Fun With Bad Clay) so stay tuned as we walk through the production of (hopefully) a bumper squash crop!

I wasn’t quite done transplanting all the seedlings when I strained my back badly enough that I will be sidelined for a couple of days.  While I am resting, icing my back, and twiddling my thumbs, I might as well start documenting this project.  The following slideshow shows what I’ve done and how I’ve done it thus far.

  • Waltham Butternut Seeds Germinating
    Waltham butternut squash seeds are germinating only 3 days after being planted in damp peat moss. The pots are on the back patio, receiving about 4 hours of sun per day.