Grati is a retiree and amateur gardener in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.I’m a retiree in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas who loves to garden.  A happy botanical accident occurred last fall, when a friend of mine who is a master naturalist came into possession of a couple of crates full of expired vegetable and flower seed packets.  The packets could no longer be sold, so they were given away.  She asked me to take some of them off her hands, which I gladly did.  Seeds typically remain viable for quite some time after the packet expiration date, and that’s how I came to have the veritable cornucopia which produced this year’s much-larger-than-usual garden.  I have gotten a lot of good ideas from the online gardening community, and I’ll be posting examples of my successes and failures in an effort to give back.  Unless it becomes too much work.  (Did I mention, I’m retired?)

My web name is Grati, and you may send me a direct message here:

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